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safety and usage

Dig Safe


Don't dig yourself into trouble. Call Dig Safe before you dig. It's smart. It's free. It's the law. Call 811.


State laws require anyone who digs to notify utility companies at least 3 business days (72 hours) before starting, and for good reason. Digging can be dangerous and costly without knowing where underground facilities are located.


Dig Safe System, Inc. is a communication network, assisting excavators, contractors and property owners in complying with state law by notifying the appropriate utilities before digging. Dig SafeĀ®, a free service, notifies member companies of proposed excavation projects. In turn, these member utilities respond to the work area and identify the location of underground facilities. Callers are given a permit number as confirmation.


Digging is dangerous and costly if you don't know where underground facilities are buried.  Utility accidents are harmful to life, property and the environment.  They also disrupt vital utility services and cause work delays, expensive repairs, liability for damages and civil penalties.


Damage prevention is everyone's responsibility.  Whether you're a contractor excavating for a large project or a homeowner installing a mailbox, anyone who conducts earth moving activities should contact Dig SafeĀ®  before starting. Go to for the most current information about underground utility damage prevention including "pre-marking" requirements.


Questions?  For more information, please download our Dig Safe brochure.   

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