Regulatory Notices

Recent Regulatory Notices of Filings and Requests for Comments.

Filings and notices are available for download (PDF) below:

D.P.U.: 18-107 NOTICE OF FILING, PUBLIC HEARING, AND PROCEDURAL CONFERENCE - Petition of The Berkshire Gas Company to the Department of Public Utilities pursuant to G.L. c. 164, § 69I, for Review and Approval of its Long-Range Forecast and Supply Plan for the five-year forecast period 2018/19 through 2022/23.

D.P.U. 18-100 NOTICE OF FILING AND REQUEST FOR COMMENTS - Petition of The Berkshire Gas Company for approval of an Amendment to a Natural Gas Transportation Agreement with Pittsfield Generating Company, LP, and Berkshire Feedline Acquisition Limited Partnership.

Berkshire Gas/DOER Alternative Heating Program Request for Proposals.