Odor Added to Natural Gas

Odor Added to Natural Gas

We’ve added a smell to natural gas, because natural gas has no odor.

What you smell is a harmless chemical call mercaptan.We have added it to help you and your entire family identify natural gas.

Like all energy supplies, natural gas should be used wisely and safely. If you smell natural gas, in the unlikely event of a gas leak:

  • Do not turn on of off any lights or appliances.
  • Do not use the telephone in your home.
  • Do not light any matches.
  • Be sure to put out any cigarettes or open flames such as candles.

It’s safe, clean and efficient, making natural gas the best energy source for all of us.

It is convenient and has many uses in homes and businesses. Natural gas also has an outstanding safety record. 

Read about more safety tips in Important Natural Gas Safety Information (PDF).

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