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8/15/14 - Long Range Forecast and Supply Plan Notice

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4/10/14 - Web Services and Payment Systems Update


Berkshire Gas has recently completed an enterprise-wide computer system conversion.


As you might imagine with a project of this scale, we are experiencing some growing pains as we customize all of our business applications to this new system.


Unfortunately, some of those growing pains have impacted our billing and payment systems.  We have been working diligently to resolve any billing or payment system errors and are confident that those issues have been, or are being, resolved.


Our new online account viewing and payment options are also taking longer to implement than had been anticipated.  We are working toward mid-year availability for those services.  All customers will be notified once those services are available online.


We appreciate your patience and feel that the end result will have been worth the delay.  We are taking this additional time, because we place the highest value on the security of your account and your personal information.  It is also critically important that these systems function, as planned, at the time that they are offered to you.


Again, thank you for your patience and for your business.

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