Marketer Information

Information, for Marketers serving Berkshire Gas, about current Pipeline Capacity Entitlements, City Gate Delivery Stations and more.

Marketers interested in serving Berkshire Gas customers may contact Information regarding the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requirements can be found at the Massachusetts Department of Utilities.

Customer Billing Cycles and Holiday Schedules

Pipeline Capacity Entitlements and Delivery Meters


Berkshire's Company Gas Allowance

Berkshire's Company Gas Allowance for the period November 1, 2023 through October 31, 2024 will be: 0.0% = 0.000 (Updated: 10/27/2023)  


Algorithm Information

Berkshire's baseload and temperature sensitive algorithm used for non-daily metered customers is available to suppliers serving non-daily metered customers upon request. Please contact the gas transportation department for more information.


Eastern Division Capacity‐Exempt Load

In a letter dated September 15, 2009, Berkshire notified all marketers that operational practices for “capacity‐exempt” transportation load behind Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s (“TGP”) Greenfield Sales Meter Station (served directly off of the Northampton Lateral) pursuant to the Company’s tariff changed effective November 1, 2009.   

Berkshire’s service territory that is supplied via the Greenfield Sales Meter Station is known as the “Eastern Division” and includes the communities of Greenfield, Turners Falls/Montague, Deerfield, Whately, Hatfield, Hadley, Amherst and Sunderland. 

Specifically, Berkshire determined that it is necessary to require that any new capacity‐exempt load (i.e., both new firm gas service and incremental firm gas requirements) be delivered to the specific “Designated Receipt Point” pursuant to the Company’s Distribution Terms and Conditions, currently rate schedule M.D.T.E. No. 376.   

This operational change was necessitated by capacity constraints on the Northampton Lateral.  As a supplier of any new capacity‐exempt load in the Berkshire Eastern Division, you will be required to deliver the gas to the Designated Receipt Point, namely TGP Meter No. 020292.   Capacity‐exempt customers or their marketers should contact Berkshire if they desire to apply for capacity assignment.


Telephone Line Requirements for Telemetering Equipment

  1. The customer must provide a telephone jack within 5 feet of the meter set, regardless of the location of the set (inside or outside.)
  2. The phone line must be an active, DEDICATED, touch-tone dial, basic voice grade, dial-out line only. (No PBX systems)
  3. If the customer’s phone is located outside the local Pittsfield calling area, a long distance carrier is necessary.
  4. Should the customer’s meter be located beyond the reach of a telephone line, a cellular telemetering devise can be installed.
  5. As stated in Berkshire’s ‘Terms & Conditions,’ the customer is responsible for the costs of the telemetering devise and its installation. A separate bill will be mailed upon completion of the installation.
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