Reliable Service

Whether you’re heating your home, cooking dinner or taking a hot shower, Berkshire Gas Company provides a reliable supply of safe, clean-burning natural gas. We’re constantly updating and improving our system, using the latest technologies and materials to ensure safe, uninterrupted service now and in the future.

Reliability Projects

Berkshire Gas has made significant investments in new and emerging technologies that heighten the efficiency and reliability of its service and delivery systems.


Optimizing Assets: Investments in Applied Technologies

Initiative Benefits
Automated meter reading Saves time and employee resources; improves accuracy and customer satisfaction
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system Sensors and electronic controllers at critical locations allow for real-time adjustments to enhance system performance.
Metretek Automatically monitors and collects data relevant to the purchase, sale, delivery, nomination, tracking, banking, balancing, accounting and billing of transportation gas.
Computer-aided drafting (CAD) Allows engineering personnel to produce high-quality, paperless drawings; reduces cycle times and cuts costs.
Automated mapping/facilities management (AM/FM) Computerization of distribution maps for improved operating efficiency
Information Systems upgrade Fully integrated information network; saves time and improves efficiency.




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