Regulatory Notices

Recent Regulatory Notices of Filings and Requests for Comments.

Filings and notices are available for download (PDF) below:


D.P.U. 20-GREC-02  NOTICE OF FILING AND REQUEST FOR COMMENTS - Petition of The Berkshire Gas Company, pursuant to G.L. c. 164, § 145, for Approval of the Reconciliation of its 2019 Gas System Enhancement Plan and Review and Approval of its Gas System Enhancement Reconciliation Adjustment Factors. 

D.P.U. 20-SQ-02 . NOTICE OF FILING AND REQUEST FOR COMMENTS - Investigation by the Department of Public Utilities into The Berkshire Gas Company’s 2019 Service Quality Report filed pursuant to Service Quality Standards for Electric Distribution Companies and Local Gas Distribution Companies, D.P.U. 12-120-D (2015).