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Celebrating more than 160 years of serving the energy needs of western Massachusetts, Berkshire Gas has built its business on a solid foundation of service and innovation.

A truly progressive utility company, Berkshire Gas provides natural gas service to more than 37,000 customers in western Massachusetts.

With a distribution system comprising some 750 miles of natural gas mains, Berkshire Gas uses state-of-the-art equipment to assure reliable uninterrupted service to its residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Maintaining the best possible service at the lowest possible cost is one of the Company's highest priorities. Dedicated employees and state-of-the-art technology make it possible to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Long known for adopting new and emerging technology, Berkshire Gas was selected by General Electric Plastics to showcase leading-edge natural gas technology in its Living Environments home of the future in 1991. Backed by the research arms of the natural gas industry, innovations ranging from natural gas wall outlets to flexible interior piping were seen in this living laboratory by visitors from around the globe.

The Company is committed to driving technology for the advantage of both the business and its customers.

A solid reputation and the first-rate quality of its product have made Berkshire Gas the supplier of choice for many Berkshire residents and businesses. Natural gas is increasingly preferred for its efficiency, its environmental advantages and its cleanliness. Despite a changing economy, demand still continues to grow and domestic supplies are readily available to meet growing needs.

Berkshire Gas is proud to do business in western Massachusetts and treasures the long-standing relationships that it has built over the years with customers in this region and beyond. The Company looks forward to meeting the energy needs of its customers as it has for more than 160 years. The future has never been brighter.


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