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Berkshire Gas has always embraced the philosophy that change brings opportunity, not threat. Forward-thinking and creative programs in the face of changing markets have kept Berkshire Gas a dominant player in its market. As a result, Berkshire Gas has a solid foundation of competitive advantages in place to leverage new opportunities rapidly arising as a result of deregulation. A tradition of reliability, a strong brand identity, a complete offering of value-added customer services and continuous investments in technology are the competitive advantages ensuring that Berkshire Gas remains a strong player in the emerging energy services marketplace.

Berkshire Gas is virtually a household name throughout the market area. The strong name recognition, bolstered by its distinctive and enduring logo, has created a brand image for the energy that the Company provides.

This brand identity is enhanced every day through a variety of services that Berkshire Gas brings to its customers. From the simplest of residential service calls to complex transportation arrangements for large industrial accounts, the Company's dedication to customer service is second to none. Recognizing that deregulation is intended to give energy consumers more choice, Berkshire Gas has provided great latitude for commercial, industrial and residential customers by using its experience in gas supply, its knowledge of the interstate pipeline and storage systems, and its ability to manage peak demand.

To maintain its competitive edge, Berkshire Gas has made significant investments in new and emerging technologies that heighten the efficiency and reliability of its service and delivery systems (see table below).

With its solid foundations of customer loyalty, an established brand identity, a reputation for customer service and an advanced technological infrastructure, Berkshire Gas has the capability, resources and agility to move rapidly to take advantage of the deregulated marketplace. Berkshire Gas is poised today for tomorrow's market.

Optimizing Assets: Investments in Applied Technologies



Automated meter reading

Saves time and employee resources; improves accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Supervisory Control and
Data Acquisition (SCADA) system

Sensors and electronic controllers at critical locations allow for real-time adjustments to enhance system performance.


Automatically monitors and collects data relevant to the purchase, sale, delivery, nomination, tracking, banking, balancing, accounting and billing of transportation gas.

Computer-aided drafting (CAD)

Allows engineering personnel to produce high-quality, paperless drawings; reduces cycle times and cuts costs.

Automated mapping/facilities
management (AM/FM)

Computerization of distribution maps for improved operating efficiency.

Information Systems upgrade

Fully integrated information network; saves time and improves efficiency.

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