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Natural Gas Availability


Over the last two decades, the demand for natural gas has increased dramatically. However, without new pipeline capacity to deliver additional supplies to our region, demand has out-paced supply. While we are hopeful that a new pipeline project proposed by Tennessee Gas can provide the additional capacity needed in years to come, at this time we are very close to reaching full capacity.
We are now in the difficult position of having to limit demand on our system. As a result, we have invoked a moratorium on any new natural gas service to the communities of Amherst, Deerfield, Greenfield, Hadley, Hatfield, Montague, Sunderland and Whately. Current natural gas customers will not be affected other than they will not be able to install additional natural gas appliances or equipment.


We will keep this page updated in the future, as circumstances warrant. More information on this situation is provided below.



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Natural Gas Availability Frequently Asked Questions


Additional Facts and Background Information


Kinder Morgan's Tennessee Gas Pipeline Project Information



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