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safety and usage

Gas Leaks - Dos and Don'ts

If you suspect a gas leak get up, get out of the house and call Berkshire Gas from a neighbor’s phone at 1.800.292.5012.

Berkshire Gas will respond quickly to ensure that you and your family are safe.

  • Do not smoke or operate electrical switches or appliances. These items may produce a spark that might ignite the natural gas and cause an explosion.
  • Do not assume someone else will report the condition.
  • Provide the exact location, including cross streets.
  • Let us know if sewer construction or digging activities are going on in the area.

Use your senses to detect gas leaks.  A natural gas leak is usually recognized by smell, sight, or sound. Remember, if you smell natural gas, get up, get out and call us immediately from a neighbor’s phone.

  • Smell

Natural gas is colorless and odorless. For your safety, a distinctive, pungent odor, similar to rotten eggs, is added so that you’ll recognize it quickly. Not all transmission lines are odorized.

  • Sight

You may see a white cloud, mist, fog, bubbles in standing water or blowing dust. You may also see vegetation that appears to be dead or dying for no apparent reason.

  • Sound

You may hear an unusual noise like roaring, hissing, or whistling.

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