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Other Rates and Information


Description   Availability   Requirements 

Distribution Service Terms and Conditions

  All Customers

Details metering and billing information, service provided, and other important information


Residential Assistance Adjustment Clause

  All Customers

Details calculations of residential assistance adjustment factor


Cost of Gas Adjustment Clause

  Default Service Customers Only

Details calculation of gas adjustment factor for default service


Local Distribution Adjustment Clause

  All Customers

Details adjustment factors for distribution service


RATE T-54 Extra Large Use, High Load

  Transportation Service Only

C&I customers using greater than 1,000,000 therms annually


Cost of Gas Adjustment Factor/Therm (Default Services Only)
  Low Load       High Load  


Effective 11/1/16

Effective 1/1/17

Effective 5/1/17

Effective 8/1/17

Effective 11/1/17

Effective 2/1/18















Local Distribution Adjustment Factor/Therm (all customers)
  Residential Small C & I  Medium C & I    Large C & I


Effective 11/1/16

Effective 5/1/17

Effective 11/1/17










$0.078                 $0.063

$0.087                 $0.066

$0.069                 $0.052


For further information, contact Jennifer Boucher at (413) 445-0353, or at


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