Image of a cell phone showing an account alert.

Now you have an easy way to stay informed about your account!

You can choose which alerts you want to receive, just text REG to 56589 to register. Registration requires your 14-digit account number.



Once you sign up

  • The first time you add a cell phone number, you’ll receive a text message to confirm your enrollment. Save this number to your contacts as “BGC Alerts” for quick access
  • You can stop receiving alerts at any time by texting STOP 
  • We do not charge for text messages; however, your wireless carrier may charge for text messaging and data rates. Check with your wireless carrier for details.

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There are a few different scenarios that can cause a user not to receive a registration text message.

Unsupported mobile carrier: At this time, BGC Alerts is supported by major mobile phone carriers and most others. US Cellular currently does not support sending text messages longer than 160 characters from company "short codes" such as 56589. We are continually looking for ways to enhance BGC Alerts and anticipate adding more mobile carriers in the future.

Text messaging blocked: If your mobile carrier is supported, you may have a setting on your mobile phone's account that is blocking incoming text messages. Please contact your mobile provider to ensure that text messaging is enabled.

Short code messaging blocked: If your mobile carrier is supported, you may have a setting turned on for your phone's account that is blocking short code messages. Short code messages are any messages that come from a short number such as 56589. Please contact your mobile carrier to change your account setting to allow short code messaging.

BGC Alerts is a service that allows you to receive important information for your home or business.

Yes. You can sign up to receive BGC Alerts for each account in your name by texting REG and registering for each account.

Please sign up for BGC Alerts so you can get the information you need the way you want it. Text REG to get started. 

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can have for texting.

BGC Alerts will be delivered from the following number:

Text message: 56589

Before you change your cell phone number, text STOP to 56589 to stop receiving BGC Alerts at that number. Text REG from your new cell phone number to continue receiving alerts for your account.

When you move, you will have a new BGC account number for your new address. Please sign up again with your new BGC account number to receive BGC Alerts.

Nodo: liferay-3:8080