Convert to Gas (Business)

Convert to Gas (Business)

The Easy Steps to Go Natural Gas

We'll be with you every step of the way:

Step 1. Check that natural gas is available in the community where your business is located.

Step 2. Complete the online form with your contact information.

Step 3. You will be contacted by a Commercial Account Manager to review your business's energy requirements and answer any questions about natural gas and conversion from another fuel.

Step 4. Decide what new gas equipment you will purchase and install.

Step 5. Work with your installing contractor on the installation of your new gas equipment.

Step 6. Berkshire Gas will install a natural gas service connection from the Berkshire Gas main in the street to the meter location at your business.

Step 7. Once your contractor has installed your equipment and building piping, the contractor will arrange to have a pressure test approved by a town official.

Step 8. Once the pressure test inspection is complete you or your contractor is ready to call your Commercial Account Representative to arrange to have your meter turned on.

The next thing you know, you'll be enjoying all the benefits of natural gas! 

Commercial and Industrial Account Managers

It’s time to convert to natural gas, and our Commercial and Industrial Account Managers are ready to help. 

Commercial and Industrial Managers from Berkshire Gas can help find solutions to your most complex energy project.  They are well versed in the technologies for natural gas, such as Distributed Generation (DG), desiccant dehumidification, microprocessors, fleet transportation, and other new applications that can help facility managers use energy more efficiently and less expensively.


Contact the Commercial Account Manager for your area (below) to discuss solutions to your energy requirements. 

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