Maintenance and Repair Service Contractors

Maintenance and Repair Service Contractors

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You can always rely on Berkshire Gas to provide you with safe and reliable natural gas service. However, the maintenance and repair services once performed by your gas company are now provided by licensed plumbers and heating contractors. 

Contact a licensed plumbing or heating contactor if you:

  • Have no heat
  • Require maintenance or repair of your natural gas equipment (including furnaces, boilers, gas water heaters, gas ranges gas fireplaces, etc.)
  • Need gas piping installed
  • Need gas burning equipment installed

For your convenience, Berkshire Gas is pleased to provide you with a list of licensed plumbing and heating contractors working in the Berkshire Gas service area. You can also find contractors listed in the yellow pages of your telephone book.

In order to be on our Contractors List, contractors must demonstrate that they are licensed and insured. You are free to choose other contractors and you do not have to choose a listed contractor. We suggest you obtain at least three estimates before making your choice.

For each contractor, the list includes contact name and phone, as well as the types of services the contractor offers:


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